Slipknot Investments 38 (Pty) Ltd t/a K&B Clutch & Brake manufactures brakes shoes, new clutch plates, brakes pads, and further refurbish old or used brake shoes, pressure plates and clutch plates. The target market is the lower value end and aftermarket.

The products are mainly used by light and commercial vehicles across all the different makes and models. Since 2003, K& B Clutch & Brake has been growing steadily and building up its engineering capabilities to design and manufacture products that meet today’s technological requirements and customer’s needs.

Today, the company is one of the preferred producers in South Africa which offers different and complete product range of clutch and brake solutions that specifically suited for light and commercial vehicles across all the vehicles brands.

Their customer base consists of wholesalers like Midas and Autozone who distribute  nationally and into the neighbouring countries and other smaller independent retail stores.


Since the acquisition the Scheepers brothers introduced new product lines into the business i.e. refurbishment of brake shoes and clutch plates, pressure plates and recently launched new product line, brake shoes as part of diversifying product strategy and pursuit to meet the needs of the growing customers.


As part of diversification strategy, the company was compelled to acquire SABS approved standards and is now recognised as a approved SABS supplier of choice  that meet the minimum technical and quality vehicle requirements on product safety and environment.


The company has the knowhow and the ability to design and make its own tooling to manufacture brake pads.

Pads for new cars can be introduced into the market before the competitors.

They employ a qualified tool and die makers who can operate the CNC milling machine and Hitachi wire cutter.



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